Syrian Refugee Crisis

Before the Syrian refugee crisis, there had been others like it. but it is 2019, and the refugee crisis in Syria is still as unwavering as ever.

Kicked off due to the civil war in 2011, the Syrian civil war has gone on for over 10 years. And has resulted in the deaths of over 400,000, in addition to the displacement of over 6.7 million refugees internationally, and over 6.2 million people internally.

The journey of these refugees to find a new home is hardly the easy one, as a lot of these refugees who survived the civil war itself, meet a fatal end still as they migrate to a new place.

Even as these Syrian refugees arrive and try to begin again in new locations, the fight for survival is hardly ever over.

Neighboring countries like Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and turkey have contributed greatly to the wellbeing of these refugees, by offering asylum to them amongst other things.

Between 2011 and today, over 12 million Syrian refugees have been made from the Syrian civil war. And with the unwavering nature of the war, more and more refugees will be born in the future.

So many governments, NGOs and individuals around the world have chipped in to offer humanitarian aid to the refugees of the Syrian civil war, but despite all the efforts, the situation of these refugees have found themselves is direr than ever.

The situation in the Syrian refugee camps all over the world is very heartbreaking, as these refugees have very limited access to even the most basic of needs.

These people live in tents, with no such thing as the comfort of a good night's sleep. The chances of gaining employment as these refugees find new homes in the countries they migrate to, are nearly non-existent.

The situation with disease in these camps is more like that of a loaded gun. When you have that many people cooped up together doing everything literally in the same space, disease is most likely to spread like a wildfire.

With very limited medical treatment for these refugees, disease management is hardly ever easy.

Despite the sad state of the refugee crisis situation, the fight by people and organizations all over the world to help offer some sort of relief to these Syrian refugees, is just as unwavering as the Syrian civil war itself. And we dare to say that there is hope yet for these refugees, and other refugees around the world.

If you had the opportunity to do something for Syrian refugees or any refugee, what would it be?