Refugee crisis: from the point of view of someone just like you

  • By Yvonne Patrick

Refugee crisis: from the point of view of someone just like you

It is like moving to a new town except, you are moving to save your life and the lives of your family. You risk everything and lose everything

The term refugee crisis is one we have heard at least once in our lives. When it comes to the extent to which people are affected by this crisis, a lot of us never truly know.

Trying to put an absolute number to the lives affected worldwide by the refugee crisis tends to become a mouthful.

We can try to break down these numbers and instances to give you are a clearer view of the extent of the problem we have.

2017 alone saw the displacement of over 65.6 million people worldwide.

The above number was raked up from several reasons that include but isn’t limited to widespread violence, human rights violations, persecution, and conflict.

The refugee crisis around the world is one disheartening problem that typically seems far off when you aren't directly or indirectly affected by it. But it is a problem that has stayed unyielding for decades in various parts of the world.

Keeping the above in mind, we have often dared to ask, could it really just happen to anyone? Could it happen to us?

A refugee crisis typically comes to be because of the actions of people with a lot of power and very little humanity in them. No matter how hard we speak against the evils that these people do, trying to change the minds of people of this nature is hardly ever possible.

While we strive to discover ways to tackle the root cause of refugee crisis, there are ways in which we as a people all over the world can help the people who are plagued daily by this problem.

With the refugee crisis, it goes way beyond just being displaced from your city, town, or country. While on the road to safety or even when in a location of refuge, still being displaced is a huge possibility

Even people who haven't crossed the borders of their home countries are categorized as refugees, as they are forcibly displaced people. Due to the fact that they are internally displaced, they aren't typically added to the number of worldwide refugees.

It is 2019, and it seems like the strife in Syria is far from letting up. We see the number of casualties that make the news, so you can imagine the number that don’t make the news.

It is terrifying to say the least.

Apart from the physical implications in regards to the refugee crisis, the mental implications are one that we as outsiders can only imagine, but never genuinely comprehend.

Getting these refugees to safety is an excellent endeavor, but what next?

What is their story now that they are hurled up with thousands of people like them?

What is the story of their future after being hurled up with thousands of people like them for more than just a little while?

In our opinion, getting to safety is dangerous and hard, but once on dry land, the dangers continue and rehabilitation is tough.

The above being said, it doesn't mean that it can’t be done.

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