Refugee crisis: a global problem 2019

Love Welcomes - Refugee crisis - a global problem

It is quite easy to look at the news. see the terrible reports about the dire refugee crisis around the world, shudder, look away from the screen, and move on with your life.

When a terrible thing seems so far off, we hardly ever think that somehow, we could be affected.

There are a lot of people who have never thought of the refugee crisis as a global one, and it is totally understandable. nightmares are things we never consciously think of.

On the refugee crisis being a global problem, various levels to it tie it all together.

First thing's first. Ask yourself the question of what causes refugee crisis’ all over the world.

There isn't one answer to the question above, as a refugee crisis could stem from both man-made and natural reasons.

Let’s says a hurricane, a really bad one blows away your village, town or city, what happens immediately after?

A ton of people who probably woke up in a nice comfy bed that morning, are suddenly thrust into homelessness.

With natural disasters, anyone and anywhere can be affected.

All of a sudden, the news isn't just routine at 10 pm every night, it's now you, your life.

Amongst the human-made causes of the refugee crisis is civil war.

Now, in most first-world countries, the chances of a civil way breaking out and things going downhill are slim, but can we really be sure that it couldn't happen us?

As long as human beings are involved in any situation, anything can happen.

Today in a lot of developed countries, tensions do arise very often. It isn't just all rainbows, and sunshine. Sparks do fly everywhere in the world, .and when there is smoke, there could be a full-on explosion.

As refugees migrate from their home countries trying to find refuge wherever they can, their migration to new countries also add up to the concern of a refugee crisis being a global problem.

Every country has its issues. Even in the most advanced countries; there are a ton of citizens who don't have the best quality of life.

As refugees migrate to your country, your country is suddenly roped into the issue. These are human beings we are talking about here. running for their lives, and having little or no help. Your country has got to help out.

With more people coming into the country, said country’s resources also have to be channeled into helping these refugees out somehow.

Even with natural disasters, countries all over the world step up to send some form of humanitarian aid.

With refugees coming into your country, a lot of people might not be too thrilled to live side by side with these refugees, and sometimes, things could get ugly.

There are so many ways in which an issue that that affects one place could, in turn, affect you and a lot of other people.

There are chances that something you never thought you could be a victim of could happen to you.

Be kind, be nice, be supportive to/of refugees any way you can when you come across them.

Each time you buy something from Love Welcomes, you’re supporting a refugee and her family as they begin to rebuild lives shattered by war, one stitch at a time.

Hear their stories. Shop our collection. Change a life.

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